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It’s not surprising that many homeowners find it difficult to maintain their home because of ever growing professional and personal commitments. Add to this a need to travel from time to time it is quite difficult to keep an eye out on a property.

The solution to this problem is simple. You should look for a professional home management service that can help you maintain your investments even when you’re not around.

Residential Home Management in Arizona

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Home Management Services

Property management is important if you want to keep your home and its surroundings in tip top shape. With our professional property management service, you’ll have someone go over your home inside and out and give you regular updates on its current condition as well as any maintenance that needs to be done.

If there are any leaks, broken lights, or malfunctioning security systems or electronics, you can choose our home maintenance services to do all the necessary repairs for you. Your automobile will also be maintained while you’re away so you’ll have it ready when you come back home. With our home watch services, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that someone has your best interests and investment at heart even when you’re away

Home Management Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Home Management Company

With our home services, you’ll have a professional watch over your home, do your grocery shopping, pick up your family at the airport, clean up the house, and even help you do your bookkeeping and other important matters. We deliver professional home management service to our clients regardless of how long you will be away or if you need quick help when it comes to managing your home and other personal property.

Our property management service ensures that all necessary documents pertaining to your property are paid on time and that all repairs and maintenance are done in a timely manner so that everything will be in good working condition upon your arrival. You’ll have more time to enjoy your stay in your home, because we provide you with our home watch specialists who will take care of all the details.

What We Can Do For You

Interior Home Maintenance

  • Visual inspection of walls, ceilings and floors
  • Adjust and set air conditioners and furnaces
  • Run and drain reverse osmosis systems
  • Run water through all taps, toilets and faucets
  • Check for leaks
  • Rotate lights on/off--Replace bulbs as needed
  • Check that refrigerators and freezers are working
  • Water indoor plants and trees
  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Test smoke detectors and security systems
  • Start automobiles

Exterior Home Maintenance

  • Insure all yard and pool services are maintained
  • Test all outdoor lighting
  • Insure irrigation systems are functioning
  • Bring in mail, newspapers and fliers
  • Take out/bring in trash receptacles
  • Any other needs exclusive to your home

Additional Services

  • Inspect home after storms
  • Supervise housekeeping
  • Schedule landscapers, pool services, carpet cleaners
  • Meet contractors/vendors
  • Supervise remodeling and new construction
  • Liaison to homeowners associations & committees

Arrival Preparation

Upon your request your home will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes all beds made, linens prepared, outdoor furniture set up. Refrigerator stocked with your personal favorites. Flowers to welcome you home.

Departure Preparation

After departure your home will be completely cleaned. Refrigerator cleaned out. All linens removed, laundered and put away or remake beds. Patio furniture washed and covered or put away.

House Guests Welcome

Your house guests and loved ones will be greeted at the airport and driven to your home. A welcome basket filled with your choice of items and flowers will greet your guest upon arrival to your home.

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Home Management in Scottsdale, AZ