Concierge Service

Our concierge service is for people who have very busy lifestyles and need someone's help managing their lives. It's perfect for people who want to enjoy their lives, rather than getting tied up in the planning.

Among the advantages of personal concierge service are convenience, free time and providing you access to all the local hotspots. You'll find your busy lifestyle is made much easier when you have a personal concierge to take care of the details for you.

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Lifestyle Organization

Available 24/7

Tailored to Your Needs

Why Choose Our Personal Concierge Service?

You may be wondering what concierge services can provide you. First of all, we will plan all the aspects of your day that you do not have the inclination, expertise or time to undertake yourself. This means you will be able to maximize your free time on other duties. We can also plan your vacation, recommend and also book hotels and restaurants all around the world, get VIP tickets for concerts, events and theater, as well as advise you on a variety of premium lifestyle services. As part of your concierge services, we can provide you the personal assistant you need to ensure your daily errands run smoothly.

Travel Management

Design Project Management

Home Management

Personal Concierge

We provide professional personal concierge services so that our clients only have to deal with one person for all their requests. Your personal concierge will be tasked to learn your preferences and anticipate your needs. The customized personal concierge services that we offer will leave you feeling like a king or queen knowing that there is someone in the background working to ensure that your leisure time is well spent.

Researching the best restaurants, hotels and holiday destinations or sourcing for a unique anniversary or birthday gift can be very challenging and lengthy. Why waste your time researching it yourself when you could ask for a recommendation from our personal concierge? Our concierge will recommend you to someone who is trustworthy, giving you quality service and peace of mind.

Save Time and Enjoy Life

Many clients who have used our personal concierge services say that they were able to experience things they loved, rather than spending time managing the details. We not only offer you our concierge service, but we also offer you the priceless commodity of time. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Organize your Life at Home or Office

  • Create Filing Systems
  • Bookkeeping and Banking
  • Computer Work
  • Organize closets, cabinets, storage units, garage
  • Preparation of meals
  • Pick up meals
  • Birthday and Anniversary calendar for cards and gift cards
  • Mail pick up and forward if necessary

Shuttle Services

  • Groceries - Dry Cleaning
  • Health Care Appointments
  • Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off
  • Pick-Up / Drop-Off children from school and activities

Automobile Maintenance

  • Schedule auto repairs
  • Fuel and oil changes
  • Car washes and detailing
  • Emission testing
  • License plate renewals
  • Sale of vehicles